Cadillac Dare Greatly

Challenge: The existing Cadillac consumer is aging out of the market. We needed to redefine Cadillac for an entirely new, next-generation consumer. 


Process: We explored luxury automobile consideration and the ethos of the brand. And conceived Dare Greatly as a strategic platform to express Cadillac as innovative luxury with a defiant edge.


Solution: For the pitch I created the Pledge program; to bring to life just how a new culture of innovation could fuel Cadillac’s transformation.

Solution: We won the pitch, and launched Dare Greatly as an unbranded campaign to create buzz & intrigue. And to wipe the slate clean, whited-out all of the brand’s social profiles.

Solution: We then had a full branded reveal with a Dare Greatly manifesto film during the Oscars. And launched, featuring the product in conjunction with content about“daring” people like Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and Njeri Rionge, who helped bring Africa the internet.


Results: Pledge was a key part of winning the pitch, making Publicis the AOR for Cadillac’s global communications; an account worth roughly 60 million dollars. The launch of The Dare Greatly garnered substantial critical praise. The platform continues to evolve Cadillac through culture and innovation.


Results: The platform continues to evolve Cadillac through culture and innovation. Cadillac also recently opened Cadillac House at their new New York City headquarters.