Cadillac Dare Greatly

Cadillac engaged Publicis to envision a new generation of consumers, reshape expectations and defy perceptions of the iconic brand. I articulated a progressive, tech forward, trend setting consumer, who defines themselves in culture, with a defiant edge and thirst for experience. And re-imagined Cadillac through that lens.

I was tasked with creating an experience that would bring a forward thinking Cadillac to life. I creative directed the Pledge program.
The idea being that in-car technology enables Cadillac owners to drive innovation on Kickstarter and at Cadillac; was presented as a concept video and app prototype.

Pledge was a key part of winning the pitch, making Publicis the AOR for Cadillac’s global communications; an account worth roughly 60 million dollars.

Our core team immediately dove into a 6 week dash to launch this new vision for Cadillac at the 2015 Oscars. First we rebooted the brand by WHITING OUT all of Cadillac’s social properties; garnering a wave of press, praise and public interest.

Cadillac Reboots ‘The White Album’ For Marketing Purposes, Does It Better
— GM Authority

Followed by rollout of Dare Greatly in the days leading up the Oscars.


During the Oscars televised event, and across social, we launched a film series featuring cultural influencers who embody the brand ethos; all driving to a new content hub

Cadillac Risks Break From Detroit With New ‘Dare Greatly’ Campaign
— Forbes

Energizing interest in Cadillac and setting the stage for the launch of new product offerings.

18 months into the engagement brand perception, affinity and sales continue to improve., now in phase 2, continues to evolve Cadillac through culture. And to fuel innovation Cadillac recently opened Cadillac House at their new headquarters in New York City .