Challenge: Humira is a injectable medication that treats several inflammatory autoimmune conditions. It is the only successful treatment available for a rare and debilitating condition called Hidrentinitis Suparativa. 

Hidrentinitis Suparativa sufferers struggle for years; often misdiagnosed, or turned away from care, feeling ashamed, isolated, and hopeless. 

We wanted to help sufferers get diagnosed and on treatment, with the support they need; and deliver on the business objective of growing our client’s prescribing patient base. 


Process: Search activity around Hidradenitis Supprativa indicates that information seekers are interested in:

Seeing what HS looks like so as to differentiate it from other skin conditions.

Understanding what HS is, and if it can cause cancer, or can be sexually

Ways to treat their HS. These methods range from natural remedies to surgery and the use of medication.

Understanding their diet so as to treat HS as well as “trigger” foods that  cause HS.


Our strategic approach was to


Process: XD and strategy distilled patient insights into distinct personas. Developing content strategy into those use cases and their identified needs. 


Process: And immersed ourselves in the patient journey to craft our solutions across an ecosystem of touch-points that always deliver on patient need.


Process: And we crafted an engagement strategy to deliver the right media and  support sufferer needs by driving to valuable content and tools on the website.


Solution: We created NO BS About HS as an unbranded diseased awareness platform, featuring real stories from patients who overcame their struggles to to get diagnosed. First delivered in digital paid media in the places we knew sufferers where, such as as Pandora radio and  endemic sites like WebMd.


Solution: Driving to; where information and tools help sufferers identify, understand the condition, get valuable coping tips, and take the next step towards diagnosis and treatment.


Solution: We wanted a branded ecosystem that would transform a conventional product-centric pharmaceutic marketing approach by keeping the focus on patient stories. To do this we created the HS Yearbook Project, a program that empowered our patient group to document their first year on HUMIRA. Their content illustrates the benefits of treatment, and ways to live better, with HS with authenticity and personality.


Process: To clearly articulate our design ideas throughout the process we wire-framed the experience. 


Process: And created working prototypes during the content creation and design process, that supported the creative through legal and regulatory reviews. Enabling us push the envelope with what the brand could do in digital. 

Solution: To deliver, a fluid responsive web experience with a quilt of socially enabled patient story videos, animated gifs, memes; mixed with valuable patient CTAs such as finding treating dermatologists, learning how HUMIRA works to treat HS, and signing up to get on-going support from HUMIRA. 


Results: for both unbranded and branded efforts were impressive. Empowering optimization investment in phase 2 media and content for and

In addition and were Abbvie’s first fluid, responsive websites. And as such it serves north star for a full HUMIRA migration and dynamic utilization of Adobe Experience Manager.


Results: The unbranded campaign was nominated for an Effie, which you can see here.