Citi Lollapalooza 2018

I worked with Live Nation for Citi to deliver concepts that elevate the concert goer experience; with immersive augmented reality, purposeful donation to causes, and personalized video and data.


Walmart Google Assist

I partnered with Google to use voice interface design to deliver brand utility, with personality, to support busy parents entertain their kids while in-store.


HUMIRA Augmented Reality

I partnered with Blippar to design a augmented reality experience that delivers on the urgency of joint degeneration caused by Rheumatoid Arthritis.


BRILINTA for Amazon Alexa

I created an Alexa function to help heart attack survivors stay on their medication and get daily motivation and support from other survivors.


Secret The Next 48

For our P&G client we created an in-App experience that marries the value of culture, experience, and lifestyle with authenticity and fun.



Star Wars CoffeeMate

Leveraging a partnership between Nestle and Disney I delivered the power of the force to your coffee.


Gerber GoBaby

I designed an app based program that delivers on Gerber’s promise of good natural foods and provides a parents with utility in the mobile space.



Red Lobster Rewards App

The My Red Lobster loyalty program was created to increase guest visits by incentivizing loyal consumers with accrued value; and by delivering location based offers and utility.


GM's Maven Experiences

I imagined engagement possibilities for GM's App based Maven car sharing program.


Charmin Product Selector Experience

A few fun questions delivers a personalized toiler paper result and product suggestion. The solution is full of brand personality and actually drives eComm on Toilet paper will never be the same!!!!



Hot Pockets 421 Festival Experience

I conceived a concert festival experience for Hot Pockets that is fun, culturally relevant and technically innovative. Legalized cannabis for recreational use has become REAL opportunity for brands. This actual work never was never produced, but it opened eyes to a host of possibilities in a quickly emerging market.