Red Lobster

When Publics became Red Lobster’s lead creative agency I was tasked with envisioning the brand through digital mechanisms and a fuller experience to increase in-resteraunt visits for existing consumers, and attract a generation of new ones.

We created personas, imagining their journeys cross touch-point.

To envision an evolved ecosystem.

We then addressed pressing client needs by redesigning and re-platforming the Special Events promotional menu and CRM program responsively, outside of the inherited legacy infrastructure.


The full website redesign commenced shortly thereafter, starting with an extensive competitive review to examine and explore best in class solutions.

I drove design of a module based solution; to create roughly 17 unique responsive templates within scalable CMS.

To support a solution that would capture consumer interest through a focus on mobile, and by making content location/time based and personally relevant.

Using search insight to drive content development.

To move the brand to embrace a more authentic approach to story telling through design.

The new launched in April 2016.

And will soon be followed by the Club Red App based rewards program.

Through our digital endeavors brand perception for Red Lobster has steadily improved,
This year we even had ourselves a Beyonce moment!