I craft experiences across a full spectrum of media and technology. In-page are examples of recent work and projects. Onsite also find case studies for CadillacMass MocaRed Lobster,and P&G Oral Care.

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Gerber GoBaby
An app based program that delivers on Gerber’s promise of good natural foods and provides a parents with utility in the mobile space.

Red Lobster Rewards App
The My Red Lobster loyalty program was envisioned to increase guest visits by incentivizing loyal consumers with accrued value; and by delivering location based offers and utility. I provided vision for the app, and directed throughout iterative development; ensuring that My Red Lobster Rewards delivers a valuable experience to the consumer.

GMs Maven Experiences
 Cadillac GM wanted to imagine engagement possibilities for their app based Maven car sharing program; currently in beta in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

Charmin Product Selector Experience
I designed a toilet paper quiz experience for Charmin.com. A few fun questions capture wiping preferences to deliver a personalized toiler paper result and product suggestion. The solution is full of brand personality and actually drives eComm on Charmin.com. Toilet paper will never be the same!!!!

Hot Pockets 421 Festival Experience
Legalized Cannabis for recreational use is REAL opportunity, and brands such as Papa Johns and Taco Bell have already begun to play. I conceived an experience for Hot Pockets that is fun, culturally relevant and technically innovative. This actual work may never see the light of day, but it has opened eyes to a host of possibilities in a quickly evolving market.